Here are some of the services that I offer. If you have specific requests, please contact me and I will let you know if I can provide you with the service that you need. If not, I may be able to refer you to a business associate who will be able to help.


Financial Statements are the most important documents prepared by an accounting system. They inform you and the financial statement users about the profitability of the company and they provide management with the necessary information to make wise business decisions.

Let me help you decide what your level of reporting requirement are so that you receive the appropriate level of assurance for the users of your financial statements.

I can provide you with the following services:

  • Pre-Audit Preparations: I can help you prepare for an upcoming audit. Being prepared can save you a lot of money on expensive audit fees;
  • An Audit Report: Provides the highest level of assurance that a CPA can give;
  • A Review Engagement Report: Provides a lower level of assurance compared to an Audit. However, the charges are less;
  • A Compilation Report: Provides no level of assurance. Cheapest option compared to an audit and review report.

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There are many advantages to starting your own business however the start-up stage can sometimes be a time consuming and difficult task. Let me help you with the Financial aspect of getting your business started so that you can concentrate on the marketing and operational side, to generate the most revenues.

I know that new businesses are often tight on cash but they still need the experienced professional help to avoid costly mistakes. For this reason, I offer my services to start-up businesses at a special reduced rate depending on the degree of financial difficulty and the time required. Start-up rates are reduced by 25% - 40% from my regular rates for a period as long as two years.

I can assist you in the following areas:

  • Preparing your business plan;
  • Preparing for start-up financing;
  • Understanding the tax implications of your business;
  • Selecting the right technology;
  • Developing the proper accounting and bookkeeping system;
  • Registering your business for GST/QST accounts;
  • Registering your business for Payroll Deductions at Source accounts;
  • Determining your business structure (incorporating vs partnership or sole proprietorship);
  • Registering your corporation;
  • Preparing a budget and cash flow projections;
  • Other start-up issues that you may have.

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Some business owners do not have the expertise and the time to deal with the accounting aspect of the business. This service is ideal for the small business owner who does not need a full time Controller but still, needs the contollership help.

Controllership will involve some of the following services:

  • Providing bookkeeping services or ensuring that the bookkeeping is accurate and up to date if done by an employee of the business;
  • Ensuring that Government filings are prepared and sent before deadlines to avoid interest and penalty charges.
  • Monthly financial statements preparations and variance analysis compared to prior months;
  • Ensuring that bill payment are made in a timely manner;
  • Analysis of receivables on a monthly basis to ensure collectibility.
  • Analysis of inventory trends on a monthly basis to detect slow moving inventory;
  • Meeting on a weekly or monthly basis to discuss financial business performance with business owner and/or management;
  • Other specific services required by the business.

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